Treatments and Prices

*Please note that all new patients must pre-pay all of their appointments at the time of booking an appointment *


(up to 45 minutes depending on patient needs)

ROUTINE CHIROPODY TREATMENT £48.00 (Up to 30 minutes)

To begin with, you will be treated to a calming and relaxing footbath. All nails will be cut, cleared, filed and treated. Any hard skin, corns, calluses and cracked heels are professionally removed and treated. All areas are then expertly smoothed over, finishing the treatment with a soothing foot massage. During the treatment the podiatrist will advise on any queries you may have with your feet and will give you professional advice on any foot complaints.


(Up to 30 minutes*)

ROUTINE NAIL CUT £30.00 (Up to 15 minutes*)

The treatment begins with a relaxing footbath. All nails will be cut, cleared, filed and treated. The podiatrist will advise on any queries you may have with your nails and discuss any further treatment that may be required. This treatment is suitable for those with thick, fungal or curved nails with no other chiropody complaints. It is also ideal for those who may find it difficult to reach or manage their nails themselves.

* Please note that it is company policy for patients who ask for or require more than a nail cut to be charged the full price of a chiropody treatment.

EMERGENCY TREATMENTS between £30.00-£58* (from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on complaint)

  • New patient corn treatment (one corn - 15 minutes) - £38.00* 
  • Routine corn treatment (one corn - 15 minutes)  - £30.00*
  • New patient emergency ingrowing nail treatment ( one side only -30 minutes ) - £48.00*
  • New patient emergency ingrowing nail treatment ( two sides - 45 minutes  ) - £58.00*
  • Routine ingrowing toe nail treament ( one toe only-15 minutes ) - £30.00*


Please note that it may require more than one treatment to treat an ingrowing toe nail. In some cases, if the toe is heavily infected, inflamed or too painful, we may not be able to treat the affected toe on the day. The podiatrist may require you to get antibiotic cover via your GP and return at a later date. The appointment will still be charged at the original price as the podiatrist is still able to dress the nail and provide professional advice. Some ingrowing toe nails may need to be managed long term with nail surgery which we can carry out at the clinic depending on the needs of the patient or we can help referrals to the NHS. 

*Please note that any of these appointments are reserved for ONE chiropody complaint only. If you require more than one treatment you will have to return for another appointment for the extra treatment at the extra cost.

CONSULTATION £48.00* ( Up to 30 minutes)

This is a thirty minute appointment with the podiatrist where you may want to discuss a particular foot complaint. The podiatrist will look at your feet, help diagnose the problem, then professionally advise and recommend relevant treatment.

*Please note that NO TREATMENT IS CARRIED OUT on this appointment.


(Up to 1 hour minutes)

This professional treatment is essential in identifying any nerve and circulatory problems to the feet. It is of particular use and importance to those who may have diabetes or those classed as high medical risk to aid in the prevention of foot and lower limb complications.

The assessment includes:

Detailed taking of your medical, surgical and social history.

Photographs may be taken of your feet and lower limbs and will be kept on record for future reference.

Expert clinical observation of your feet and lower legs which may identify signs of circulatory and sensation problems.

A number of professional non-invasive tests to analyse the blood flow and nerve sensation to your feet. One of such tests is the use of a Doppler machine which can locate the pulses in your feet and check the quality of them.

All results will be recorded in your confidential medical notes.

Advice will be given about monitoring any problems which may have been identified in the assessment. We will also advise about steps you can take to help prevent future foot problems.

A copy of the assessment results will be sent to your GP along with our professional recommendations such as if we believe you would benefit from a referral to another medical specialist. We normally professionally recommend that you are re-assessed at either six or twelve month intervals depending on your results. It is important to be reviewed as we can monitor any deterioration in your circulation and sensation to your feet and so act accordingly.

Information for All Patients

If you are a new patient to the clinic, we kindly ask that you pre-pay at the time of booking and ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment in order to fill out a new patient form. If you are on any medication, please bring a list with you as this may influence the podiatrist/chiropodist's treatment of your feet and subsequent advice. Please feel free to ask the podiatrist/chiropodist if you require any assistance with the removal of shoes or socks or if you are feeling particularly nervous about any treatment as we will endeavour to help every single patient in any way we can.

Please note that Feet First Chiropody Ltd has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 24 hours or fail to arrive to an appointment, you will be charged the full price of your treatment or in the case of new patients, we have the right to retain the FULL pre-paid cost of the appointment. If you wish to return, you will have to pre-pay all future appointments. Failure to do this may result in refusal of booking any future appointments.

If you arrive late for an appointment, the chiropodist has the right to shorten your appointment to the remaining time and you will be charged for the cost of the full appointment. If the chiropodist deems that you are too late to an appointment so that no reasonable treatment can be carried out, you will be charged the full price of the treatment. This is at the discretion of the individual chiropodist. Feet First Chiropody Ltd will not tolerate any abuse to any member of our staff and if occurs, such patients will not be allowed to return to the clinic.

Please note that Feet First Chiropody Ltd. has no parking or customer toilet facilities on site.

**Please read COVID-19 guidelines for all patients attending the clinc on our homepage**

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